I just had my first, and certainly not my last, glen cairn of the double barreled single malt. Wow – a rush of blackberries on first scent, then the bourbon barrel influences come up. Beautifully balanced. All the notes are getting along so well. Even at 50% ABV (Thank You), the alcohol, to me, isn’t dominant in the delivery of the notes. As I mentioned in my tweet, yours was my first entry in my Connoisseur’s Journal from La Maison du Whisky. (Sometimes you have to go old school). Also, I’m doing a private whisky tasting tomorrow, a mystery one no less, and yours is one of the five I’m using. Congratulations on a remarkable Canadian single malt. And the results of the tasting? The guests were “Amazed, impressed, and delighted. Thank you for raising the bar

— Renaud Timson, Dram Straight

Oh Canada! If you haven’t cottoned on to what’s happening here, now is the time.

— Rob Allanson, Whisky Magazine

It’s a delight to drink and makes you want more.

— Rob Allanson, Whisky Magazine

If we tasted this without knowing it was a Canadian single malt, we’d likely guess it was a Highland Scotch. Very nice malt.

— Toronto Whisky Society

Best-in-Category: Shelter Point Single Malt 2017 Distiller’s Select

— Toronto Whisky Society

It is one of those whiskies that just got better and better the more you sipped.

— Carissa Hickling, Whisky Lady

Defies my expectations for a newer craft single malt distiller out of Canada.

— Josh Peters, The Whisky Jug

Frankly I was blown away that I was about to give such a young whisky such a great note… you should be watching Shelter Point like a hawk.

— TOModera, Toronto Whisky Society

A profile all its own, one you wouldn’t mistake for Scotch or American single malt, but recalling good things from both, and very tasty in its own right.

— Axis of Whiskey

Another world-class single malt made right here in Canada.

— Canadian Whiskey News

It may in fact be my favourite whisky of the whole calendar so far.  Shelter Point, I’m coming over.

— Peter Vetsch, Pop and Pour

More than a nice discovery, I think I found a new regular bottle in my collection!

— Dominic Drapeau, Facebook

I believe that this is the best single malt whisky in Canada!

— J Han, Facebook

Beautiful and amazing both the Distillery and the product.

— Adrian King, Facebook

Great product, great flavour whisky. Field to flask all ingredients off the farm, 100 mile diet just got better.

— Norm McGregor, Facebook

Is there a higher rating than excellent?… The place is beautiful and you will learn so much about the art of whisky making and the influence nature has on the product.

— Lori T, TripAdvisor

WOW!  We visited your distillery before you were able to release your single malt whisky.  We did get a sample of the spirits in the tank and thought “Wow!” then.  Wow!  We finally found a bottle of your whisky here in Edmonton. Tried it tonight. Wow!  It was well worth the wait. Absolutely delicious. Thank you for existing.

                                                                                                                                                                 –David Dickinson, by email


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