Shelter Point after hours

Many people bring their job home with them, but in our case, it’s not exactly a hardship. Creating and distilling whisky isn’t so much a job as it is a passion – we’d be thinking about it all the time even if we weren’t making our living at it. Besides, after a long day monitoring the distillery, liaising with distributors, welcoming clients and filling out paperwork (it’s true – even a job as cool as our has loads of paperwork), we get to step out into one of the most beautiful, soul-soothing, rejuvenating places around. We can walk up to the barley fields and virtually watch our whisky grow, stroll by the wetlands and check out the birds or follow a path through the forest and breathe with the trees.

Most often, though, we end up down at the beach, listening to the waves and, yes, sipping a glass of whisky. Because when you love your job, you don’t mind putting in a bit more work after hours.