Legendary Blue Blazer

Warning: This cocktail involves flaming liquid – clear your work area of all flammable objects and use extreme caution.

This cocktail was developed by legendary bartender Jerry Thomas while working at the El Dorado in San Francisco during the gold rush. When U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant saw Thomas prepare the drink, he was so impressed that he gave him a cigar.


  • Two metal tankards for mixing
  • Four cups or glasses for serving


  • 4 shots Shelter Point whisky
  • 4 shots boiling water
  • Demerara sugar or honey
  • Strips of lemon peel


  • Warm both tankards with boiling water
  • Pour 4 shots boiling water into one tankard
  • Pour 4 shots whisky into the other tankard
  • Ignite the whisky using a long match or a BBQ lighter
  • Pour the flaming whisky into the tankard of water; then pour the flaming liquid back into the other tankard. Repeat three more times, increasing the distance between the tankards for greater effect if you dare
  • Extinguish flame by placing empty tankard over the full one
  • Pour into serving glasses; garnish with lemon and sweeten as desired